Fire & Ice

The ice has broken between you and me

I have reached out, I am waiting for thee

The Bad blood that churns between

Story of horror that entails in mean

Time that shadows the time spent

A moment of fragility that we repent.

Shunned by the silence

Ruined by the storm

My soul has been broken from the call

My life that once

Was a bird of prey

Has diminished, been reduced to an endless crawl.


Scrawling furiously onto the canvas

I wreak havoc upon the cloth

That once covered your serene face

The face which I now see in haze

and in dreams so dreary

which wake me at night

I still see that pain

That face, that fright.

Remain I still shrouded in my words

They once were few, now come in herds.

I live in the cocoon of my body

In a lie I lie

Among thorns I thrive

With a smile I cry.


But now, fear that once filled my soul,

escapes in a cloud

Standing beneath a shroud

Is my love, My life

Is worthy of her return

This path of life not worthy of our sojourn.

So long I mourned, Burst out I shone

A lone my soul, of yours a clone.

My mate of soul, take my hand

Rekindle the magic we once planned

The soul of my mate, no longer a tool of malice

Of me you’re Helen, of you I’m Paris.



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